Primary Care and Medical Specialists

From simple preventative care to helping you manage chronic health conditions, Medical Specialists, Inc. is your primary care provider

Oklahoma City's trusted primary care providers

At Medical Specialists, Inc. we understand how frustrating it can be to spend an hour in the waiting room for a doctor to spend 5 minutes half-listening to you before writing a prescription.

At Medical Specialists, Inc. we take a different approach. We allow extra time for our primary care appointments so our doctors and medical staff can listen to our patients and find the correct diagnosis. We educate you about your diagnosis and your treatment options. And, we work together to find a treatment plan that works for you.

Medical Specialists: More than Primary Care

If you have a chronic medical condition that requires specialty care, it can be exhausting to coordinate appointments and ensure the transfer of information across the network of physicians assisting in your treatment. As medical specialists, our doctors are able to offer knowledge and support beyond a typical primary care facility, taking the burden off of you.

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